Empowering Sustainable Ecosystem Growth: Erigon Solution Update

Dedicated to the enduring growth of its ecosystem, ThunderCore remains steadfast in its commitment to cultivating a sustainable and thriving blockchain environment. A challenge that’s been brought to the forefront through our previous technical update, ThunderCore Storage Improvement. The challenge centers around blocks that display an insatiable appetite for SSD access which may lead to notable decrease in block generation speed, which inevitably leads to a less-than-optimal user experience. To tackle this issue head-on, ThunderCore has turned to Erigon—a solution that has been making substantial strides in the Ethereum landscape. Let’s delve into this article to explore the advancements of the Erigon upgrade and ThunderCore’s forthcoming strategies for elevating the chain’s capabilities.

Recap on Erigon upgrade : A Solution on the Horizon

Erigon stands as an efficient implementation of Ethereum, boasting a modular design that encourages parallelized development of the client. This innovation aims to improve data storage efficiency and bolster blockchain performance through several key mechanisms.

One pivotal facet of Erigon is its utilization of mdbx in lieu of LevelDB, leading to a reduction in Read/Write operations when interacting with the state. This optimized state storage, paired with preprocessing of data outside the storage engine, significantly enhances database efficiency. Moreover, the synchronization process has been refined through a series of steps, resulting in much faster sync capabilities.

Erigon: Technical Status Update

The journey to integrate Erigon within ThunderCore’s ecosystem has yielded remarkable achievements, which is currently under the process of deploying on ThunderCore Testnet:

      • Pala Support for Geth Block Syncing Protocol: Pala now supports the Geth block syncing protocol, fostering interoperability with various blockchain environments.

      • ThunderCore Pre-compiled Contracts in Erigon EVM: ThunderCore’s pre-compiled contracts have been successfully integrated into Erigon’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), ensuring a smooth and cohesive experience.

      • ThunderCore Election and Reward Mechanism Integration: The ThunderCore election and reward mechanism have been seamlessly integrated, contributing to the network’s enhanced functionality.

      • Block Syncing Issues Resolution: Diligent efforts have been dedicated to resolving block syncing issues, guaranteeing a more seamless and reliable synchronization process across Erigon and PaLa.

    As we cast our gaze towards the future, ThunderCore’s steadfast dedication comes into clear focus, underlining their unwavering commitment. The imminent deployment of Erigon to the mainnet stands as a beacon of enhanced efficiency, set to empower developers on the ThunderCore mainnet with amplified capabilities. Hand in hand with this advancement, Erigon’s mastery in optimizing storage efficiency is primed to ensure the utmost resource utilization. Moreover, this integration harmonizes with ThunderCore’s resolute pursuit of sustainability, signifying a strategic effort to curtail technical expenses. 

    As ThunderCore forges ahead, their drive for innovation and operational finesse continues unabated, with the Erigon solution poised to assume a pivotal role in sculpting a robust and vibrant blockchain ecosystem.

    About ThunderCore

    ThunderCore is a fast and secure EVM-Compatible layer-1 blockchain founded in Silicon Valley in 2017 to provide a robust infrastructure for DApps and the broader DeFi ecosystem. Its high-performance blockchain offers a breakthrough consensus protocol PaLa, 4,000+ TPS, sub-second confirmation times, and low gas fees.

    With over 8 million addresses, 680 million transactions, and 133 million block height on its network, ThunderCore is dedicated to bringing blockchain technology to broad adoption.

    You can learn more about ThunderCore’s historical information on our Medium Blog.